The information sheets listed below are directly related to specific WISH guidance documents, and provide examples of good practice relating to a formal WISH guidance document, or further information to assist operators in understanding or applying formal WISH guidance. These information sheets are often referred to directly in the relevant formal WISH guidance document they relate to.

List of WISH guidance support and information sheets

Ref No.Document titleSummary
WISH A6 Pocket Guide to H + SWISH A6 pocket guide to H&S
REF 01Example of daily periodic check sheets for street collection vehicles.Example daily/weekly check sheets for waste collection vehicles. Support document to WASTE 04
REF 02Case Studies bin lifters and bins on waste vehiclesCase studies of incidents and lessons learnt relating to the use of lifting equipment on waste collection vehicles. Support document to WASTE 04

REF 03Example refuse recycling collection round data sheetExample data sheet for use on recycling and similar waste collection routes/rounds. Support document to WASTE 04 and WASTE 23
REF 04Example format driver assessmentExample format for use during assessment of waste collection vehicle drivers, including licence checks. Support document to WASTE 04

REF 05Summary key occupational health hazards and referencesList of key potential occupational health hazards, potential symptoms and links to further information and reading. Support document to WASTE 30
Ref 06Waste plastic fire separation distances case study Case study of a real waste plastics fire confirming the separation distances calculated in WASTE Reducing fire risk at waste management sites
Ref 07COVID-19 ChecklistsThis document simply gives an example of how a COVID-19 checklist may be structured.
Ref 08Example Mobile Plant and Equipment Daily/periodic Checklist
Ref 09Example Mobile Plant Operator Training Record
Ref 10Archive Infor 13 V11 COVID-19 and Waste Management Activities
Ref 11Genesis, production and Governance of WISH Guidance and Advice Documents