The information sheets listed below cover various aspects of health and safety in the waste management industry.

These sheets are not related directly to any formal WISH guidance document, and are not formal guidance. They aim to assist waste operators in improving their health and safety performance.

List of WISH general information sheets

Ref No.Document titleSummary

Health & safety leadership self-assessment toolAllows ‘leaders’ such as directors, managers and supervisors to assess their leadership style and approach, and gives tips for improvement

Effective proactive monitoring in waste and recycling collectionsAdvice on how to monitor safety performance during waste and recycling collection activities, including example format for operator and client use.
INFO 04Examples of safety aids on waste collection vehiclesPractical examples of safety aids on waste collection vehicles, such as visual and audible safety aids, under-run protection and similar
INFO 06Noise in glass collections hearing protectionInformation and advice on the selection of hearing protection during the collection of glass wastes
INFO 07Noise in glass collections noise assessmentInformation and advice on the monitoring of noise levels during the collection of glass wastes
INFO 08Rogue lithium batteries and fire riskAdvice on reducing the risk from rogue lithium batteries occurring in mixed and general waste streams
INFO 09Employee engagementAdvice and tips on effective engagement with workers in the waste management industry (‘sister’ document to INFO 01)
INFO 10Safe use of refuse collection vehicle bin lifters and binsDesign and compatibility of lifting equipment and bins, selecting systems, maintenance and safe use. Support document for WASTE 04
INFO 11Safety in driver only commercial waste and recycling collectionsRisk assessing when driver only collections may be appropriate and advice on reducing the risks involved. Support document to WASTE 04
INFO 12Reversing in waste recycling collectionAdvice on reducing the risks associated with reversing during waste and recycling collection operations
INFO 14Working on the public highway (street cleaning) – monitoring issue 1
INFO 15Working on the public highway (street cleaning) – PPE issue 1
INFO 16Working on the public highway (street cleaning) – risk assessment issue
INFO 17Working on the public highway (street cleaning) – signage issue 1
INFO 18Working on the public highway (street cleaning) – vehicles issue 1
INFO 20Machinery safety – belt conveyors
INFO 21Machinery safety – trommel screens
INFO 22Machinery safety – horizontal plane balers
INFO 23Bioaerosols in Waste and Recycling
INFO 24Machinery Safety – General Waste Shredders
INFO 25Working on the Public Highway (Street Cleaning) – Training Issue 1
INFO 26Safety in the operation of automatic bin lifts on RCVs