There are two kinds of WISH membership – Full membership for representative organisations and bodies; and Affiliate membership for other entities (including companies, individuals, local government bodies etc) who wish to publically commit themselves to the responsibilities of affiliate membership.

If you are a representative body (a trade association, trade union, professional body or other organisation which represents a group of entities) you will need to apply to the WISH Secretary with supporting evidence explaining what grouping you represent, and how you either have or plan to comply with the responsibilities of full membership. This will then be considered by the WISH Steering Committee and other Full Members (see paragraphs 9, 17, 18, 20 and 22 of the Constitution).

If you are applying for affiliate membership who will need to apply to the WISH Secretary with supporting evidence of your public commitment to the responsibilities of WISH affiliate members (see paragraphs 10, 17, 19, 20 and 23 of the constitution).

We would very much hope that all those who have an interest in the industry will be able to publically support our aims and objectives to make the waste industry a safe place for those who work in it, or are affected by its activities. We would therefore hope that anybody who was interested enough to want to take part in a working group would also become an affiliate member (or be part of an organisation which is a full member or affiliate member). Notwithstanding the above it is NOT necessary to be a full or affiliated member of WISH to take part in its working groups. WISH working groups are open to anybody who has the interest, enthusiasm, time commitment, knowledge, experience or desire to take part.

The WISH working groups cover a range of topics aimed at helping deliver the WISH strategy objectives. Check on progress with and find out how you can get involved with WISH Working Groups.

No matter how fantastic, revolutionary or applicable to the waste industry the product or service might be it is not the role of WISH to approve, review, endorse or otherwise provide direct or implied support for commercial or non-commercial waste related ventures.

The WISH Steering Committee meets every two to three months, and will exceptionally admit observers or speakers if they have expertise or information which is relevant to the topic being discussed.

If you wish to attend a WISH Steering Committee meeting or ask WISH to consider or debate a particular matter, in the first instance an application should be made to the WISH Secretary, with any concise supporting documents as might be necessary.

Main WISH meetings are currently held roughly every two years in the form of a one day workshop style event and, subject to the limitations of venue capacity, open to any who might wish to attend. They are widely publicised in well in advance.