Structure, Strategy and Actions.

WISH Structure and Constitution

More detail about the organisation and structure of the WISH forum can be found in:

Traditionally WISH has worked to identify and drawn up solutions and guidance to health and safety issues within the industry. This has subsequently been published as WISH endorsed good practice guidance on the HSE website.

WISH will continue to promote, publicise, facilitate and bring about implementation of the actions that can reduce workplace accident and occupational ill health incidence rates.

WISH members have agreed and set targets for the industry to improve health and safety performance, the strategic agenda for which is set out below. Key steps towards implementation include:

  • WISH members agreeing strategic targets for the industry. These will be supported where possible with materials and publicity to help the industry meet those targets.
  • Harnessing the collective knowledge of the WISH membership to help individuals; representative bodies; employers and other organisations secure a safe and healthy workplace.
  • The representative bodies on WISH will identify areas in which they can help their members, constituents and others contribute to those targets.
  • Individual companies and organisations can contribute to the WISH strategic targets by taking part in the initiatives of their representative bodies or undertaking other such actions that help meet the targets.

It is recognised that these targets are high level and that each organisation represented on WISH will have to work with its members and others to bring about the necessary changes. No single scheme or programme is likely to be suitable for all; it is expected that the range of activities practised by individuals; representative organisations and individual employers will vary greatly.

WISH will use a range of agreed metrics for measuring progress against the targets. Hard data such as accident numbers will be measured using the same methodology as in BOMEL 1 & 2 or other suitable data source. WISH will devise protocols to measure progress against other targets; this may include sampling and/or survey.

WISH Strategy and Actions (the ‘blueprint’)

The first WISH Forum Strategy was launched in January 2009, and has been regularly updated since then to reflect current issues and priorities.Strategy is determined at bi-annual WISH conferences, which are attended by the WISH membership, the HSE and other interested parties.  This ensures the views and concerns of the industry are incorporated into the WISH Strategy.The Strategy is encapsulated in a series of ‘blueprints’.  These form the framework for WISH activities between conferences.  In practical terms, the ‘blueprint’ is progressed by a series of working groups tackling specific issues and actions.To find out more about progress with ‘blueprint’ actions and how you can get involved check out the updates to in the WISH Working Groups.